Proven AM has a long-standing relationship with Vaughan Bradshaw and the team at Shepparton Mazda. We have been providing advertising and marketing support for almost three years. 

Initially, Proven AM created a corporate campaign for ‘McPherson Motors’ back in late 2016, then helped with the rebranding of the business as Shepparton Mazda in 2018, and over the last few months assisting with ‘CV-19’ messaging. 

The first half of this year has been ‘interesting’, but Shepparton Mazda has maintained a presence in the marketplace, which has seen sales rebound substantially over the past two weeks.

Assisting staff members to ‘ramp up’ Social Media with a scheduled plan, alongside Traditional Media produced and booked by Proven AM, will help Shepparton Mazda through the second half of 2020.